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#MyContainer – the winners are in the box!

We have now had the chance to go through your wonderful suggestions for the #MyContainer competition and the winners have been found. We are impressed with your ideas and truly appreciate each and every contribution. However, two suggestions stood out and have been selected as the competition winners. Please join us in the celebration of the very innovative winning ideas.

Winner # 1: Jimmy Johansson

Concept: Football goal post and shade

The winning idea: #MyContainer to be converted into a football goal post and shade. It will be the perfect help at kids’ football where it can serve as the shooting wall, goals, a cover in bad weather, and even a storage box.

Jimmy Johansson_Football goal post and shade_Twitter

What the judges have to say: “I like to think that after a long life of sustainably transporting goods – including toys – around the world, the container can continue to serve as part of the playground and bring joy to kids after it is retired from active duty,” says Signe Bruun Jensen, Head of Sustainability in Maersk Line.

Winner #2: Leif Pedersen

Concept: Bus Stop

The winning idea: A 40 foot container can be transformed into a modern bus station and bike parking, with, next to them, 2 wall phones and a defibrillator. It is a simple design with little modification that would be required for the container.

 Leif Pedersen‎_Bus Stop


What the judges have to say: “It’s simple and functional and we all know the feeling of having to wait for the bus in the rain. I like the idea of our containers keeping people and bicycles dry and making the waiting a little more comfortable, says Rune Sorensen, Head of Brand & Customer Insights.”

We would like to congratulate the winners for their innovative approach towards re-using a used container. Jimmy Johansson and Leif Pedersen will receive a LEGO model of the Triple-E ship.